Specialised Seating


AGA Mobility are pleased to be able to further support to those that need care with a range of specialised seating solutions.

We accept nothing but the best at AGA and we work to ensure that the highest manufacturing standards have been adhered to when it comes to providing the strongest, most durable, well-engineered chairs available. Our chairs have been thoughtfully designed to meet the patient’s needs whilst also supporting the carer.

Our range of services has developed over the last 20 years and none more so than the evolution of seating for those with reduced mobility, the disabled and the elderly.

New designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, reliable and more comfortable than before are available in varying styles, fabrics and colours and therefore – the choice is yours!

There is no cost for our initial assessment, design concepts or subsequent meetings to discuss the opportunities we see to improve facilities within your home.



 Our approach

With over 40 years’ experience of supplying and installing specialised seating, we offer an unrivalled service. We have everything you need under one roof. From concept to completion, you will deal with AGA staff who are experienced, conscientious and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

What We Do:

    • Review existing chairs onsite and listen to your requirements
    • Discuss options for the most suitable type of seating for the specific requirement
    • Supply and deliver direct to your home


Why We Do it:

  • To improve quality of life for all individuals
  • To improve safety in the home
  • To allow individuals to be seated in comfort and safety in the knowledge that the chairs are robust, high quality and stable

What We Look To Achieve:

  • An improved quality of life for individuals through more convenient and comfortable methods of seating that enhance control, safety, and continued care
  • To provide innovative, well designed and aesthetically pleasing, safe equipment. At AGA we also consider a careful balance of practical application, affordability and comfort for both patients and carers
  • To provide individuals with seating that is tested rigorously to the highest industry standards
  • To help individuals keep correct positioning and posture
  • To provide exceptional quality service to the service user


Static Chairs

Sophisticated designs disguise the features that make this range of chairs ideal for the ambulant older person and disabled user. The ability to tailor the chairs to each individual user makes them suitable for many caring environments.


Tilt-in Space Chairs

Designed for those with or at risk of developing an unconventional body shape and for those with postural related problems, these easy to use chairs are ideal. With regulated motion, gas action or even an electrically powered tilt-in-space and leg rest elevation built in, these specially designed chairs provide beneficial positioning, comfort and safety. The adjustable headrests give support to the head, neck and shoulders while often the seats will have pressure relieving options available. Strong, durable and often rear braked, the user will feel relaxed and secure.


Specailised Seating

Posture, positioning and comfort are key considerations for a individual that requires particular seating during their care.

The choice of seating is comprehensive with something for everyone. Whether you require made to measure chairs, dynamic seating or static chairs, the ultimate aim is to support those who find movement difficult, who need to retain their posture and for those with muscle or joint problems.


Dynamic Chairs

For those who have limited ability to make small changes in movement, it is important to consider dynamic seating. Dynamic seating has a range of adjustments to tailor the chair to the user’s physical requirements to prevent the user becoming fixed in the same shape as the chair they are using. Combining the appropriate functionality and features enables posture and body weight to be adjusted throughout the day to prevent pressure build up in isolated areas.


Chairs for Neurological Conditions

This range of chairs have been specially designed to aid those with neurological conditions. Many are versatile where simple, quick adjustments are ideal for those undergoing rehabilitation following stroke or head injury.

The more robust models are for those with Huntingdon’s Disease and other conditions where strength and safety is key.

Why Use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to whatever your need may be
  • We have the skills, knowledge & experience to deliver specialised seating solutions, on time & within budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude,
  • Respect & Efficiency


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