Shower Chairs & Commodes


Secure, safe and simple are the words to describe our comprehensive range of shower chairs and shower commodes.

AGA Mobility have an enviable choice of chairs that are practical, safe and built with design in mind.

Comfortable, discreet and stable, the new selection of available shower chairs and shower commodes assist both the user and the carer, whilst giving the patient the dignity they seek.

There is no cost for our initial assessment, design concepts or subsequent meetings to discuss the opportunities we see to improve facilities within your home.


 Our approach

With over 40 years’ experience of supplying and shower chairs & commodes, we offer an unrivalled service. We have everything you need under one roof. From concept to completion, you will deal with AGA staff who are experienced, conscientious and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

What We Do:

  • Review your requirements
  • Discuss and advise on the options for the most suitable type of shower chair and commode
  • Supply and deliver your equipment on a purchase or rental scheme

Why We Do it:

  • To improve quality of life for all individuals
  • To improve safety in the home
  • To assist carers and patients with safe, easy and controlled transference for showering or toileting needs
  • To provide dignity for all individuals

What We Look To Achieve:

  • An improved quality of life for patients whereby hygiene for individuals is met with self-respect, safety and considered care
  • To provide innovative, well designed and aesthetically pleasing, safe equipment. At AGA we also consider a careful balance of practical application, affordability and of course safe transfer for both patients and carers.
  • Careful movement of patients to enable them not to remain in bed where this is unnecessary.
  • To allow patients to feel a sense of liberation from the confines of chairs or beds
  • We aim to provide dignity in care

Which Shower Commodes Are Available?


Shower Chairs

Designed to be functional and simple, even a basic shower stool is easily transformed into a shower chair with the addition of arm and back supports.

Lightweight and sturdy, shower chairs are stable on uneven surfaces and are often adaptable to different needs. Often easy to adjust to the required height, chairs  can be set one step lower at the front for a slightly forward tilted seat to facilitate standing up.


Shower Commodes

Often lightweight  and with full powered adjustments, commodes allow carers to carry out personal care in safety and comfort; minimising risk of injury. Height and tilt are sometimes, depending on the model, adjusted by the simple push of a button.

Commodes are available as push and foldable or fixed and foldable and can be self-propelled. The chairs come with machine-washable adjustable backrest with quick-release buckles and can be adjusted according to the user. A space-saving push bar to enable optimal positioning over the toilet is available on some models. Ergonomic, swing-away armrests can be adjusted to two different height levels with height-adjustable, swing-away and detachable footrests for simple transfer. Fold-away, textured footplates with heel loops provide a safe position and a sense of security for the patient.

A choice of frame and wheel sizes are also available.

Why Use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to whatever your need may be
  • We have the skills, knowledge & experience to deliver high quality,
    solutions, on time and within budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude, Respect and Efficiency


Contact us to day to find out more about our Shower Chair & Commodes services