Although we’re not keen to wish away the warmer weather just yet, here at AGA Mobility HQ, we’re already planning ahead for the colder months and the onslaught of effects that the chilly weather can have on our client’s buildings and landscapes. To help Care Home owners look after their facility come rain, wind or frost, we’ve outlined how our maintenance services could help you make the right first impression this Autumn.


With over 20 years’ experience maintaining facilities in busy Care Homes, we provide an unrivalled service and are focused on providing the best value for our clients. Before we set to work, our experienced and conscientious AGA staff are committed to understanding the individual needs of our clients and look to:

  • Review the current condition of the property (no cost)
  • Discuss a program of planned work with the client (no cost)
  • Obtain planning and building regulations, if required (no cost)

By conducting this initial process, we work in consultation with our clients to realise your vision when it comes to maintaining a thriving Care Home. Once we have finalised plans, we work to constantly review the project with you and advise where necessary. We’re then committed to:

  • Complete scheduled maintenance using AGA staff
  • Providing 12 months guarantee on all our work



We want to help create the best possible first impression for visitors to your Care Home, especially during the tougher months to manage. By working with you to effectively service your Care Home, you’re able to release your management team from time consuming chores to focus on the delivery of resident care.

Due to planning ahead, Care Home owners can also enjoy an improved control over their cash flow and a reduction in annual maintenance repair costs – no one enjoys unexpected bills, especially around the holiday season!

“Over 80% of potential new residents and their families will make their mind-up about a Care Home before they step through the door”
Care UK

A staggering statistic from CARE UK, and one of paramount importance when it comes to the upkeep of the landscapes of your Care Home during the seasons where it’s exposed most to the elements! At AGA Mobility, we work exclusively with The Tree and Lawn Companywho specialise in lawn care and management across the region.

Their expertise is unmatched and their strength lies not only in the longevity of their experience, but also in their fully accredited and qualified staff that are specialists in a range of services that can help keep your lawn in top condition, proactively manage the trees on and around your property, and plan and carry out landscaping and planting.

AGA Mobility are thrilled to join forces with The Tree and Lawn Company to offer a complete service maintenance solution for Care Home owners this Autumn and beyond. We’re committed to helping Care Home owners plan ahead and ease the turmoil that the colder weather brings!

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