Lifts, Step Lifts & Platforms

At AGA we now work with over 40 Care Homes within the East Anglia region and we are proud to be able to say that we have solutions for virtually every home requirement.

When access is a problem, often a lift or platform is the simple answer.

No matter where in the building access is required, no matter how tight the space might be, AGA will know how to resolve the issue with you. We pride ourselves in supplying and installing safe and user-friendly products, which are CE marked and comply with all the relevant BS and European standards, where appropriate.

Whatever kind of lift you need, AGA will be able to help with service, quality and the individuals care always in mind. There is no cost for our initial assessment, design concepts or subsequent meetings to discuss the opportunities we see to improve facilities within your home.



 Our approach

With over 40 years’ experience of supplying and installing quality, safe lifts and platforms, we offer an unrivalled service. We have everything you need under one roof. From concept to completion, you will deal with AGA staff who are experienced, conscientious and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

What We Do:

  • Review existing room space and structural support for any new lift/platform project
  • Discuss and advise on the options available for the most suitable type of lift or platform for the specific requirement
  • Supply and install equipment of the very highest quality along with our own exceptionally high service standards
  • Complete project delivery using AGA staff
  • Maintain the equipment
  • All work is guaranteed for 12 months


Why We Do it:

  • To improve quality of life for all individuals
  • To improve safety in the home
  • To assist carers and patients with safe, easy and controlled transference in a variety of situations
  • To provide a highly functional and workable space for people with mobility problems

What We Look To Achieve:

  • An improved quality of life for individuals through more convenient and comfortable methods of movement that enhance control, safety, and continued care
  • To provide innovative, well designed and aesthetically pleasing, safe equipment. At AGA we also consider a careful balance of practical application, affordability and of course safe transfer for both patients and carers
  • Minimal disruption within your home whilst the work is carried out quickly and safely
  • Enhanced access for wheelchair users throughout the building that allows them to feel inclusive rather than isolated

The sales team at AGA will be pleased to advise you on the options available to you when considering a lift as a solution to your access needs.

The fitting of a lift is dependent on numerous factors, including the type and configuration of the lift, how many floors it will travel to, the travel distance, additional features and building work required to fit the lift. Whatever your requirements, AGA will help you choose the right solution for you.


Lifts And Platforms

At AGA we can offer a comprehensive range of solutions to your access problems. Stairlifts, platform lifts and step lifts are rigorously tested to meet the highest expected standards and can be relied upon to provide safe and secure movement for those with reduced mobility, the disabled and the elderly.


Step Lifts

Step lifts are the answer if wheelchair access to the building is obstructed by several steps and especially when a ramp is not a reasonable option. Easy to use, step lifts help wheelchair users to maintain their independence, safely and securely.


Inclined Platform Stair Lifts

Or stair lifts offer easy wheelchair access for staircases, whether your staircase is straight or curved. These lifts provide a compact solution, occupying a minimum amount of space. Different platform sizes cater to all needs and a folding seat option is available for use without a wheelchair. Platform Stair Lifts are robust, safe and easy to use, providing an ideal solution for your access requirements.


Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

Our platform lifts offer a practical solution to a wide range of access requirements. These versatile and customisable lifts are the perfect option for homes. With a wide range of colours and enclosure options available the lifts discreetly blend in with the surroundings.

When it comes to access solutions, AGA Mobility have the answers. With over 20 years’ experience, we have the expertise to be able to advise you on the best form of access for your home.

Why Use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to whatever your need may be
  • We have the skills, knowledge and
    experience to deliver high quality, safe hoisting solutions, on time and within budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude, Respect and Efficiency


Contact us to day to find out more about our Lifts, Step Lifts & Platforms services