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We specialise in the installation of Level Access Showers

Level access showers are designed to make bathing safer and easier for your residents and more time efficient for your Care Team. We ensure through functional design and use of the correct materials that our Level Access Shower rooms are easier to clean and maintain than any bathroom.

There is no cost for our initial assessment, design concepts or subsequent meetings to discuss the opportunities we see to improve your resident hygiene facilities.


Our approach:

What we look to achieve:

With over 40 years’ experience designing and installing level access showering facilities we offer an unrivalled service. We have everything you need under one roof. From concept to completion, you will deal with AGA staff who are experienced, conscientious and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

What we do:

  • Review existing bathroom space, including utilities provision (no cost)
  • Discuss options for level access shower facilities (no cost)
  • Obtain planning and building regulations if required (no cost)
  • Complete project delivery using AGA Staff
  • All work is guaranteed for 12 months

Why we do it:

  • To improve quality of life for residents
  • To improve resident safety
  • To future proof care for every resident
  • To enhance resident’s perception of Came Home facilities
  • To reduce operational costs for your Care Home
  • An improved quality of life for residents through more convenient and comfortable personal hygiene facilities
  • Improved resident safety. Level access showers provide residents with the convenience of a shower, without the hazard of stepping over a
  • bath edge or raised shower tray
  • A level access shower room provides a future proof solution for resident care. As frailty overtakes a resident Carers can provide safe, comfortable personal hygiene facilities with the aid of a shower chair
  • Level Access Shower rooms are an attractive solution for many residents. These modern, stylish facilities will remind residents of high quality hotel rooms and possibly their own en-suite at home
  • The time required to bath a resident along with the number of staff required is significantly higher than required for a level access shower. (see below)

Does it have to be a wet room?

In a recent Occupational Therapy assessment; in the time it took two carers to bath a single resident (45 minutes’ room to room), a single carer safely showered three residents in the same 45 minutes.

The following diagram provides further insight into the options available for level access shower rooms

Whether an electric shower or a TMV3 mains fed system, it is often useful to have multiple shower heads / outlets within the shower room. This will enhance individual resident experience and allow greater flexibility for your Care Team.

The type and size of the train will depend on a number of design factors. Water flow and floor construction being the most important. In every instance you can rest assured we have given careful consideration to the options and provided the best solution available for your level access shower.

Taps that are easy and safe to use are critical to the success of any bathing facility, whether you need single lever TMV Tap, multi-directional TMV Blender valves or an infra-red solution we will advise on the best options for your level access shower room.

Wall Covering
Wall coverings are an important consideration within your design. Whether you want White-Roc, Tiles or Mermaid Board not only do we consider the aesthetic needs but also the ongoing hygiene and maintenance requirements for your new shower-room.

Shower screens may improve the level of comfort and safety within your level access shower room, however they are not always appropriate. We will advise on whether, full height, half height, folding, hinged or any of the numerous options of screen could be suitable in your design.

Non-slip as standard but other issues to consider will include whether the floor will be heated and they nature of the residents likely to be using the facilities. For example, we have significant research on the best solutions for dementia patients.


Naturally all the lighting options we discuss with you will be suitable for use within a level access shower room and will meet the legislative requirements. However that still leaves plenty of choice and we will highlight this options you could consider.

Body Dryer
Considered by some a luxury but for others this will be a necessity. Warm air body dryers are the safest way to dry residents with skin conditions that make them susceptible to bruising or other forms of skin breakdown.

Shower Seat
Although not necessarily an immediate requirement, planning your level access facilities to provide access for shower-chairs or wheel-chairs will be essential. The placement of ceiling hoists in relation to critical areas within the shower-room can make all the difference to the rooms effective use.

Every level access shower room will be different. There is no ‘one-size’ fits all solution and therefore we will discuss the best options and ideas for every aspect for your Care Home. Whether you have residents with significant physical limitations or space is at a premium we will be able to provide solutions that help.

Why Use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to your level access shower room projects
  • We have the skills, knowledge & experience to deliver your shower rooms on time & within budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude, Respect & Efficiency
  • We understand this is your livelihood and your Residents Home


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