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Could a combination of old and young make a difference to both lives?

Interaction between older and younger generations is undoubtedly therapeutic and beneficial to both, and Intergenerational care that brings the old and young together has been evidenced and experimented by many across the care industry here and overseas.  A television programme filmed in Wales took young children to spend time with elderly users of a day…
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CQC Framework, changes and how to prepare for an inspection

The thought of a CQC inspector knocking on the door at short notice can send shivers down the spine of the highly rated and most compliant of care home owners. Typically, a 48-hour notice period is all the warning a care home will receive before the inspector sets foot over the threshold. Preparing for a…
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Teepa Snow – an education in Dementia

Teepa Snow is one of the leading educators on dementia care across the US and Canada. Her lectures are quite simply brilliant in how she covers the different types of dementia, and how this impacts on the individual and their behaviour. She has very successfully integrated her years of research and work experiences into a…
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