Teepa Snow – an education in Dementia

Teepa Snow is one of the leading educators on dementia care across the US and Canada. Her lectures are quite simply brilliant in how she covers the different types of dementia, and how this impacts on the individual and their behaviour.

She has very successfully integrated her years of research and work experiences into a very informative and education series of seminars that are particularly helpful for carers, relatives and love ones to learn how to deal with dementia, and how to care for those that suffer with the neurocognitive degeneration.

Her guided development plan which focuses on a dedicated model for care techniques and training modes is extensively used by families and professionals working or living with people who have dementia or other brain changes.

Teepa’s strategies around caring for dementia demonstrate how to integrate the knowledge around brain function, the changes that happen in various conditions, and look at the therapeutic approach to fostering positive outcomes for the individual with dementia. The most interesting part of her teachings is how to value connection when primary verbal forms of brain damage and deterioration are evident. Her teaching style is unique, but allows for students, carers and families to understand the challenges of dementia, and learn how to work in the field of dementia, which is now reaching what can only be described as epidemic proportions globally.

We would advocate anyone who wants to learn more to follow Teepa’s series of educational videos, which can inspire a positive approach to dealing with dementia, and value quality of life over the negative regression of the syndrome. Her technique is to break down the facets of dementia and stages the syndrome goes through, and help to understand how carers can reactive positively to those changes.

Teepa’s educational videos can be found on her website here.

AGA Mobility work with over 60 care homes, many of which provide dementia care. We also work with NHS authorities and associated bodies to provide and install the necessary equipment in dementia sufferers homes, so every individual can live as fulfilling life as possible, whilst alleviating some of the pressure on carers. As research in the care of dementia expands, new and innovative equipment is continually becoming available for dementia care in registered care facilities and domestic homes. We can provide professional advice on how equipment and adapting environments can improve the care provision needed for those that live with Dementia.

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