AGA Mobility, the best kept secret!

Here at AGA Mobility HQ, we like to keep in touch with all of our current and potential customers and so we’re just saying Hi and gently reminding you all about our company.

We’re guessing that you may not have seen our fantastic new website (link) that explains in detail the services we now offer to Care Homes, private home owners and Occupational Therapists, when it comes to all types of mobility solutions.

In the past we have been pleased to work with you and we hope that in the future we will be there for you again and we know that you were pleased with our service because you came back and asked for our help.

However, while we were busy working on developing our service and our expertise for you, we haven’t been very good at staying in touch.

So, we were thinking and in future we will be in contact monthly, so that we can update you on what we are doing, what developments there are in the market and how we can best help you.

Our own mission has always been to provide our clients, whether commercial  or domestic, with long term cost effective solutions on all mobility related issues alongside professional service, high quality products, expert guidance and friendly advice always guaranteed.

And here at AGA Mobility, we mean it.

We are based in Needham Market, Suffolk and we service a client base that mainly covers East Anglia.

So, may we remind you about what we do?

AGA Mobility is an established business with strong management supported by a great team of people dedicated to serving you, the client.

Our approach is simple, after identifying exactly what you need, we will put the right solution in place with you, not only providing the best products and services, but we are in a unique position to help you as we utilise our specialist knowledge than now spans over 20 years.

So, now you know generally what we do, what exactly can we help you with? Well, virtually anything that encompasses mobility really.

We believe that we are the industry’s best kept secret. We have been involved with Care Home owners, Occupational Therapists and private individuals for decades now, but we haven’t been very good at telling anyone.

With the advent of our wonderfully designed website, we thought it was time to really announce what we do and not keep it to ourselves any longer.

How Can AGA Help You?

The service we offer is about what you want. Whether the work is domestic or commercial, we will work with you to inspire great ideas to improve your homes and your Care Homes. We also work extremely hard to support Occupational Therapists and the carers within each of those Care Homes that we work closely with.

This is delivered with robust attention to detail and budgets that are meticulously managed and carried out for you.

So, just before you call us or email us for more details, here are just some of the services we can offer you……and then you can call us.

AGA Mobility are pleased to be able to offer expert guidance in a diverse, range of services that are about giving the individual independence, dignity and a better quality of life. For the Home Care Owner, it’s about supporting your business. It’s about high quality products, support, it’s about ensuring that compliance is continually assessed and kept to the required standard for you, it’s about care and it’s about service that we believe we deliver every day to over 40 Care Homes all over East Anglia, let alone our private clients.

We are able to help you with:

  • Hoisting equipment –
  • Specialised seating –
  • Profiling Beds –
  • Pressure Care –
  • Lifts and platforms –
  • Rental Supplies –
  • Shower Chairs –
  • Workshops for your staff –

We can help with Bathroom Adaptations too!!

Any adaptions that take place are in consultation with you and using our specialist expertise in this area. We can help with the design and planning of your new bathroom right through to the expert installation which includes all plumbing and electrical work, floor and wall finishes and any accessories required.

More and more care homes are choosing level access showers because of their simplicity and the avoidance of the risk of tripping or slipping in what can be a hazardous area. Equally these showers are safer for everyone and more hygenic.

Are you Interested In A Home Adaptation Or A Conversion?

Good, because we can help there as well.

Lack of preparation and poor advice can often lead to a badly designed adaption or extension or maybe a new build. With our knowledge and with our strong expertise in this sector, AGA work extremely effectively alongside architects to ensure that every inch of space is utilised in the best way possible and also that the overall work is pleasing to the eye.

We work in a collaborative, open and integrated way with all concerned to realise the vision of a person-centred, inclusive, welcoming environment that enhances privacy and dignity. Both the private and commercial clients will greatly benefit from the decades of experience available through AGA.

All work carried out is guaranteed and we also offer free estimates.


AGA Mobility are truly committed to working alongside Care Homes, Occupational Therapists, architects and also with our private clients.

We have a diversity of services that we can help to provide that aims to give our clients the very best product, guidance, service and even more importantly a quality of life to the individual.

To sum everything up – we care, as you care.

Now that we’ve got your interest…..why not call us?

Our professional and knowledgeable team are waiting for your call and ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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