Adaptations, catering for an increased demand in healthcare!

Living with a disability is difficult enough, but without the necessary adaptations to a home it can be extremely testing to live what would be called a normal and fulfilling life. Sometimes, it is just the simple changes you can make that in turn makes a huge difference to the individual who needs that help to live a normal and fulfilling life in their own home.

Having the necessary adaptations and equipment installed into a home can really provide a new lease of life, enabling the individual to stay in the comfort of their own home, providing a sense of liberation and peace of mind for the person who needs the care and indeed their families who want them to experience independence.

‘Any individuals care needs, independence and freedom is more than just a choice, it is a deep seated desire. The freedom of independence with a person’s home provides a positive life changing experience.’

Adaptations can certainly be a costly affair, so the right kind of advice is crucial to making sure that any work done in a domestic home to improve quality of life, is representative of the needs, but is also future proof.

Taking time to understand these needs is paramount to a successfully adapted home, but also taking advice from and giving advice to Occupational Therapists and care professionals who work with the individual and understands the care needs now and in the future is incredibly important. A team effort from all involved always gets the very best results for the person that needs the care.

Providing care means meticulously working through the plans and costs to ensure that everyone involved receives the very best advice, quality of service and positive outcome. It can be a stressful time for the individual and their loved ones, so making sure everyone is entirely up to speed, but also comfortable with the process of adapting the home is very important.

This kind of service is extremely specialist, and based on years of experience and up to date knowledge of the technology available for specific care requirements. The very same experience we at AGA Mobility utilise to provide adaptations in Care Homes and other care facilities.

What happens if I can’t get a grant?

Of course grants for home adaptations and equipment are available, but unfortunately due to means testing not everyone will benefit from the current system and the incumbent availability of public sector and council grants.

If a person has been unsuccessful in obtaining a grant but still needs those adaptations to be completed, our advice is certainly not to give up.

So why talk to us at AGA Mobility?

At AGA, we can help our customers in many ways, and to establish cost effective methods of adapting a home through the individuals own funding methods if need be. We endeavour to guide our customers through the recommendations, the work involved and relative costs, always with an affordable budget in mind.

‘AGA are mindful of the cost of a domestic home adaptation and continually provide solutions to that are cost effective, but also high on quality and longevity.’

What Experience Do AGA have of Adaptations?

At AGA Mobility, Lee Thrower is the Managing Director. Lee has over 30-years of experience in the construction industry and works very closely with our private clients on their adaptations as well as working with over 40 Care Homes throughout East Anglia.

Lee’s skills and knowledge are extensive, diverse and extremely well respected in the region by all involved in care. He and the AGA team understand what can be achieved and what can’t and they have the ability to visualise all the possibilities and various options open to the person who needs that care, but also the family members and loved ones.

Managing Director Lee Thrower continually works with architects and advises them on how to utilise every available space to maximum effect and is continually consulting with many Occupational Therapists and Healthcare professionals to deliver the right kind of environment for people who need that independence in their own homes.

What Kind Of Adaptations Are There?

Well, almost any kind of conversion can be catered for. You may want a lift installed or a new specially adapted low level access shower or specialist bathroom. You may also need to extend your property so that specialised areas within your home are created to provide a bespoke designed environment as part of your home. This can also include adaptations to the external areas and entrance points, allowing you to maximise your mobility inside and outside of your property. With a growing need for care, and care within the home, the technology and equipment available is extremely advanced, and specialist care manufacturers are delivering technology that works for a multitude of disability and adaptation needs.

Just because we talk about mobility, this sometimes can be interpreted as creating clinical environments that lacks character. This is certainly not the case, and attractive materials, fixtures and fittings are now available to create a very high quality environment that is perfectly placed in a domestic home.

What Else Can AGA Help Me With?

AGA will not only design the perfectly environment for the person that needs the care, we undertake planning requirements, we will do all of the necessary building and construction work and supply and fit all specialised equipment. A full and comprehensive stress free service.

So how does AGA start to look at an adaptation project?

Our service starts at the front door and how an individual would access their home, but extends to every area of the home, providing the individual with a completion solution to live independently.

Our service doesn’t just start with design and then stop at installation and completion of the adaptation project. We want to make sure the individual, family members and carers fully understand the adaptations made to the property, and what the technology installed can do for all involved, how it works and how best to make use of it. So training for all is paramount to getting the best out of home adaptations.

We have our own team of tradesmen available to us, who are very importantly aren’t just specialists within the diversity of building trades, they are trained and experienced professionals within healthcare adaptations field as well. They are also courteous, discreet and tidy individuals that respect the environment they are working in. This is paramount to making sure a client’s experience with us is incredibly positive, but also takes away any stress.

If you would like to to one of our care experts and receive some impartial and expert advice about your needs, please call us on 01449 720809. Our very friendly team are waiting to help you today.

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