Health Care Professionals


Occupational Therapy can be a very demanding profession, and AGA Mobility look to support Occupational Therapists around the region with regular workshops, helping professionals to keep up with the latest technology and methods of care utilizing specialized equipment, but also support in giving advice on the best solutions for care provided to individuals that need care.

We look at our relationships with Occupational Therapists as a partnership, and one that allows for the best advice and care we can collectively provide.

The AGA Mobility business is quite unique and diverse. Our

work takes us to private homes and installing equipment that enables an individual to live comfortably within their own homes, or we will be extending or adapting a care facility to create more bed space or install a Level Access Shower room.

From our showroom in Needham Market we are able to utilize this space for workshops, and regularly run very useful workshops for OT’s around the region.

For Healthcare Professionals we are always on call, and able to help where needed, and look to help you improve the care provided to those who need it most.

The benefits of Level Access Showers




As specialists in the care sector, we are very aware of the range of requirements care provides may need. Our emphasis is very much on quality and service, and we never forget about the care and privacy of individuals.

As a solution provider, we can help the Care Professionals right across the sector, and work extensively in the following areas:

  • Extensions/Renovations and Conversions to private homes and care facilities
  • Installation & Sales of Mobility Equipment
  • Specialist Bathing and Level Access Shower Rooms for care and private facilities
  • Mobility Equipment and Patient Handling
  • Sling Assessment Service
  • Asset Register for organisations that carry a lot of expensive care and medical equipment
  • Workshops at our HQ in Needham Market
  • Equipment & Furniture Rental
  • Specialist or short term Medical Equipment Rental


Specialist bathing and Level Access Shower Rooms –

We tend to find that those with mobility issues value safety alongside their independence. You can effectively give your patient that sense of well-being with the installation of a specialised bathing solution. We will discuss the requirements with patients and family members and highlight the benefits of each option. For example, when you consider that it can take two carers to bath an individual, yet a single carer can comfortably shower the person in less time, the facilities we provide could save you time, improve efficiency and provide a better bathing solution for the individual that needs the care.

A Level Access Shower is defined as a shower with no step or lip between the floor and the shower area. This means that they are ideal for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility, as there is no step or threshold to have to “navigate” in order to get into the shower. This increases accessibility and helps to maintain people’s independence.

More and more people are choosing level access showers because of their safety and simplicity. Avoidance of the risk of tripping or slipping in what can be a hazardous area, is further enhanced by the ease with which these areas can be maintained in first class hygienic condition.

Any adaptions that take place are in consultation with healthcare professionals and using our specialist expertise in this area we can help with the design and planning of the new Specialised Bathing Solution.

A wet room can use stylish tiling to create a luxury finish in conjunction with a non-slip safety floor. There are a huge range of colours and styles to choose from, all of which can be complemented from a range of functional, yet stylish accessories.

More information on level access showers


More information on specialised bathing

Mobility Equipment and Patient Handling –

When it comes to patient handling and mobility equipment, AGA really do have a solution for every requirement.

Often the issue of standing and patient transfer is one of the most important for the individual and carer alike. AGA can offer a solution in the form of a sit-to-stand lift which assists a resident to stand and the carer to position that individual comfortably and safely.

When it comes to repositioning a resident in their bed, a slide sheet is a very effective aid and often made of a tough, lightweight material that is folded into two layers to give an easy gliding action. The sliding interface comes between two fabric sheets rather than in between the fabric and the resident’s skin, so friction is minimised and comfort is increased.

Equally AGA are able to provide and install ceiling track hoists and mobile hoists which enable safe and convenient resident transfers from Bed to Chair or for toileting. With the reliable and high quality products we offer, every care professional can be confident of safe resident manoeuvring with those that are frail and where mobility is restricted. As always, we work with you to ensure that we listen to your requirements whilst taking into account the safety of the people you care for.

Sling Assessment Service –

Patient slings are an integral feature within any care environment. Carers rely on these when completing their everyday duties which could include transferring residents between chairs and beds and when it comes to helping them to use the toilet.

Assessing an individual for and using the correct sling will give the resident a feeling of safety and provide the carer with absolute control of the movement of the individual. With this in mind, AGA offer a Sling Assessment Service designed to test the compliance of slings already in use within the home. Ensuring that each sling is fit for purpose and using our knowledge and expertise, we are then in a position to help advise the Care Professional on each sling’s suitability and to recommend improvements.

More information about slings

Workshops –

At our premises in Needham Market, we have a workshop facility where we regularly help Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals study the latest equipment and methods in patient handling. We can bring our workshops to location as well and ensure that your team receive the highest quality training on your premises. Our aim is to support you to ensure that standards are met and maintained. Whatever training is required, whether it be on the use of equipment, patient handling or another area of required expertise, AGA are able to use their knowledge to further support your professional needs.