Luxurious Wet Room solutions tailored to your requirements

We specialise in the design and installation of luxurious domestic wet rooms for people's homes

AGA Mobility are specialists when it comes to bathing. Historically, we have installed wet rooms (level access showers) for care facilities who require specialised equipment or styling to cater for those who have mobility issues, through to family homes that require a more convenient and easier form of bathing.

Working in the care environment means the quality of our work is of the very highest standards, which is further represented by the materials and finishes we use. A wet room is there to last, so to compromise on quality of work and materials is a false economy, and goes against the AGA philosophy of providing a long-lasting enjoyable environment to bath in for many years to come.

There is no cost for our initial survey, assessment and design concepts. Our team of designers are able to work with you to make decisions on style of showering facility, tiling and choice of suite for your wet room. 

Our approach:

Any adaptions that take place are in consultation with you and using our specialist expertise in this area. We can help with the design and planning of your new bathroom right through to the expert installation which includes all plumbing and electrical work, floor and wall finishes and any accessories required.

More and more care homes are choosing level access showers because of their simplicity and the avoidance of the risk of tripping or slipping in what can be a hazardous area. Equally these showers are safer for everyone and more hygienic.

A level access shower is defined as a shower with no step or lip between the floor and the shower area. This means that they are ideal for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility as there is no step or threshold to have to “navigate” in order to get into the shower. This increases accessibility and helps to maintain people’s independence. Although a wet room can have many benefits for accessibility, it’s also possible to install a level access shower tray which can be recessed into the floor and create a completely level access solution similar to a wet room. The tray is easily installed under the vinyl flooring/tiles.

The days of the sanitised and institutionalised bathroom look are now well and truly over. The style of the room can be made to look however you wish. A wet room can use stylish tiling to create a luxury finish or can have non-slip safety flooring in a huge range of colours to suit any taste. A shower tray similarly, with tiled walls and a stylish glass shower screen, can look like the bathroom you would expect to see in a high end hotel environment.

Why Use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to your wet room or level access shower room projects
  • We have the skills, knowledge & experience to deliver your shower rooms on time & within an agreed budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude, Respect & Efficiency
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What we look to achieve:

  • An improved quality of life, more convenient bathing and comfortable personal hygiene facilities
  • Improved safety. Level Access Showers provide home owners with the convenience of a shower, without the hazard of stepping over a bath edge or raised shower tray
  • A Level Access Shower or Wet Room provides a future proof solution for any care requirements or mobility issues should this unfortunately be needed in the future. 
  • Wet Rooms are an attractive solution for many properties where space is at a premium. These modern, stylish wet rooms have the features and luxurious feel of a top hotel room, adding value and prestige to your home.

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