We specialise in adapting and extending private homes providing solutions for those who need accessible space for people with mobility issues

Our work with home owners is extensive and varied. From building annexes or extensions to purely adapting a home to be mobility friendly by utilising space and installing specialist equipment, it is our priority to make sure occupiers have a fully usable and adapted home for their needs. Converting a property in this way requires a great deal of expertise on how to maximise and utilise that space effectively, allowing for future proofing the property for any further mobility requirements.  

There is no cost for our initial assessment or subsequent meetings to discuss the opportunities for your home. If you are the person that requires accessible new space or a relative, we can liaise with all parties to create the perfect adaption requirements.


Our approach

Whether your requirement is an extension, a new annexe or simply modifications to the existing layout, we can provide the kind of invaluable advice built on a huge amount of experience in this field. The advice we give is FREE, and we look to follow a process or formula which has been successfully used for the past 20 years.

What we do:
  • Liaise with respective parties to establish vision for the property
  • Look at the currently mobility issues of the occupiers and plan to allow for any future accessibility needs
  • Liaise with incumbent architects, or we can recommend our own specialist architects to work on the planning requirements and approvals
  • Once the needs of the occupiers have been established, and plans are in place with any local authority approvals, we then work towards providing an estimate for the work
  • Once everything is approved we then utilised our talented project management and specialists trades people to carry out the work on the property to completion.

What the future holds:

AGE UK recently released their latest “Later in Life Report” in which they refer to the increasing ageing population and the inability of Government based services to cope. “Years of under investment in the provision of Care for the Elderly is increasing the pressure on Private Sector Care Homes to provide more complex Care facilities.”

There is a greater push now towards providing care at home by adapting properties to become suitable for long-term care for those who need and want to stay in their home.

What we look to achieve:

  • A superb new space that is highly accessible and fit for purpose, matching the mobility needs of the person
  • Deliver a cost effective solutions on time and within budget
  • Implement project plans that minimise disruption to daily living
  • Build a trusted relationship with all parties involved
  • Ensure any adaptions and extensions are aesthetically pleasing and value enhancing

Every home is different, so this requires a unique planning process to maximise space, and improve mobility qualities within the property. Additionally to adapting and extending homes, we install stair lifts, access ramps, level access shower rooms, and many other specialists services and equipment. A visit to our showroom in Needham Market to meet with one of our advisors will help you understand the full extent of our services and the expertise we can provide.

Why use AGA?

  • We’ve got the time and resource to devote to your project
  • We have the skills, knowledge & experience to deliver your project on time & within budget
  • We take C.A.R.E seriously. Care, Attitude, Respect & Effectiveness
  • We understand the importance of providing homes with the accessibility infrastructure allowing for the occupier to enjoy their home properly
  • We also build and extend care home facilities, so understand the mobility and accessibility issues required within a commercial property as well as a domestic home.


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